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At Akeso Healthsearch the title of “Consultant” is taken very seriously. We consult with you about where you’ve been, what you need, and where you want to go. In short, we understand the whole ‘you’. And we consult with you through value-added insights and guidance that give your job search the momentum it needs.

There is a better way forward

The search and application process doesn’t have to be so onerous. With Akeso Healthsearch, you can find the ideal role in Ireland that enables you to balance your career, patient care and quality of life preferences, whilst also getting paid what you deserve.

What makes us different

Akeso Healthsearch employs a recruitment process that enables Healthcare Professionals like you to find the right opportunities. We help ensure that your career progresses as you envisioned. The process is tailored to your specific needs and enables you to secure your professional future while rewarding you both personally and professionally.

Strength-based recruiting

Strengths based recruitment helps place the right candidate in the right role. Whilst having the right skillset for the job applied for is a pre-requisite, the strength based approach allows you to see yourself at your best in order to see your own value. It then allows you to move that value forward and capitalize on your strengths propelling you forward

Our recruitment process is tailored to who you are as a person, taking into consideration your strengths and goals. We help candidates and workplaces create personalised role descriptions. This means candidates find roles where they feel able to leverage their strengths.

We know that if candidates can use their natural skills on the job, they are more likely to work better, resulting in happy employees, satisfied employers and a better work environment.

Finding the right cultural fit for you

Every place of work has its own unique culture. Focusing on the strengths and goals of our healthcare professionals allows us to select the right place of work for you, an environment that fits you, your skills, strengths, personality and goals.

We care about your future, beyond your initial placement. That’s why, at Akeso Healthsearch, we want to get to know you and what you want from your next role.

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Applying to jobs has never been simpler — all you need to do is upload your CV and then our system and our expert consultants do the rest, actively working to connect you with your ideal job and employer. 

You will be provided with a list of current positions available within our extensive industry network and the best suited opportunities are presented to you before they are shared with other candidates.

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For an even smarter, more cohesive and more personalized recruitment and selection approach we have consolidated our AGC Healthcare divisions into your newly rebranded recruitment partner Akeso Healthsearch. Read more

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