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Healthcare recruitment is about so much more than matching a CV to a job description. It’s a robust partnership – with both companies and candidates. With Healthcare Professionals, Akeso Healthsearch develops a multifaceted understanding of your career goals, your personal strengths, and what motivates you in both your work and life beyond. And we collaborate with our provider partners to understand the strategic direction of your business, the HR challenges you face, and the culture you try to embody. 

And then we find the right match. It’s complex, but essential to ensuring that professionals and providers succeed together. One in business. One in career. Both in wellbeing.

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Akeso Healthsearch recruitment consultants help you define and achieve your ideal career journey. Key areas of expertise include General Practitioners, Hospital Doctors, Nursing and Healthcare Assistants, and Hospital Administration.

[Akeso] employees showed patience and interest in seeing me succeed in gaining employment of my choosing.

Creating the perfect job match

The truth is, ideal placements don’t just happen accidentally. They’re created through in-depth sector knowledge, insights, and rigorous experience. The recruitment approach should be aligned to your professional and personal goals, and to who you are as a person, not just a Healthcare Professional. In short, a robust smart process matches top talent, like you, to your ideal organisation and role.

Job seeking can be overwhelming and time-consuming, especially when there are too many choices. Akeso Healthsearch works with a nationwide network of healthcare providers seeking professionals from all sectors, so we have up-to-the-minute data on current opportunities.  As catalysts in this very dynamic environment, our job is to understand the needs of both parties, analyze and narrow the options, and facilitate the ideal connection. We make the process simple, informed, transparent and direct.

With decades of sector expertise, Akeso Healthsearch’s team of consultants provides you with a fully tailored service throughout your recruitment process. Take a look at the achievements of your peers who’ve worked with Akeso Healthsearch, so you can be confident you are in capable hands along the journey of securing your ideal role.

Understanding your unique needs and preferences, the Akeso Healthsearch team focuses on finding the perfect match for you, so you can reach your full potential. This ensures that your career follows your desired trajectory, rewarding you both personally and professionally.

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