Long Covid Scheme to be introduced by Government

18 July 2022| GP News, Hospital Doctors News, Nursing News, Healthcare Assistants News, Healthcare Administrators News

In the aftermath of the pandemic, there is talk of a new scheme, which the government plan to release.

This is a scheme set up to support the healthcare staff who contracted long covid.

Nurses who are in the union received a government update about the new scheme, However the INMO have voiced their opinion that the scheme is not enough compensation for nurses, they would like it to be treated as a workplace injury if a nurse contracts long covid.

A member of the union has mentioned that what the government has proposed is not enough. As healthcare, workers who have contracted long covid when little protection was in place for them, which is why they believe it should be treated as a workplace injury.

The INMO is concerned without the thought or concern of the healthcare workers.

They think the scheme put in place is not sufficient for the nurses and something more should be done.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly said he is conscious that he does not want healthcare workers to experience “a cliff-edge” in respect of the special pay scheme being wound up.

For more information on this, please see the link below for more details


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