Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland – NMBI PIN Registration

18 July 2022| Nursing News

All nurses that practice in the Republic of Ireland must be registered with NMBI. There are currently 78,000 Nurses and Midwives registered at this time.

Overseas Applicants applying recognition and registration:

The NMBI advise overseas applicants to not move to Ireland or leave your current employment as some applications may be unsuccessful. It is recommended that you do not apply for any Nursing or Midwife positions as applications cannot be fast tracked even if there is an offer of employment.

From experience, many care facilities will let a Nurse come from overseas and work as a Healthcare Assistant / Nurse Assistant while they wait on their PIN. It is best to make sure you are in talks with us here at XXXX or directly with an employer before doing this.

You can also check the application guide here: NMBI GUIDE

It is important to know what type of applicant you are, as you will need to submit different documents depending on what group you fit in.

Group 1: Directive Applicants.
Applications are classified under the EU automatic recognition pathway, which has been provided for European Union Directive applicants who qualified in the EU. G1 applications undergo an administrative assessment only.

Group 2: Directive Applicants.
Applications are classified under the general systems pathway. G2 applications undergo both administrative and qualification assessments.

Group 3: Non-Directive Applicants.
The EU Directive does not regulate these applications. G3 applications undergo both administrative and qualification assessments.

**If you are unsure what group you fit in you can download the NMBI App and answer some questions**

Registration Process for Students and Graduates who qualified in Ireland:

If you were educated in Ireland – Good News! You already have met the requirements to get a NMBI Pin.

It is against the law to practice Nursing in Ireland without being registered with NMBI. You may have previously registered while working as an intern.


Voluntary Removal:

If you decide to no longer practice as a Nurse in Ireland, you may remove yourself from the register. This would happen if you are retiring, taking a career break or maybe going to work abroad.

The NMBI recommend that you do not let your registration lapse, as there will be a restoration fee.

NMBI Fees:

Summary of fees Fee
Annual Retention Fee €100
Advanced Nurse or Midwife Practitioners Registration Fee €145
Appeals Fee €150
Candidate Registration Fee €20
Overseas Qualification Recognition Fee (including temporary and Occasional) €350
Overseas Registration Fee €145
Temporary and Occasional Registration Fee €45
Overseas Additional Division(s) Registration Fee €200
Additional Division Registration Fee (Irish qualified only) for one of the following divisions:

Psychiatric Nurses, Children’s Nurses, Midwives, Nurse of Midwife Tutors, Public Health Nurses, Nurse or Midwife Prescribers

Restoration Fee (following removal for non-payment of the retention fee) €350
Restoration to the Register (following voluntary removal) €100
Superannuation charge €60
Undergraduate Registration Fee (Irish qualified only) €145
Certificate of Current Professional Status (CCPS) fee €80

The NMBI has come up with a new app, which keeps all your documents and checklists in a portal at the touch of a few buttons.


If you are looking for a new role in Nursing or your first role in nursing in Ireland we would be happy to help!
You can contact our Nursing department on 01 6991555.

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