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If you want to advance your career and take on new challenges, look no further.

If you’re looking for a new way to help people within the healthcare system, working as part of Akeso Healthsearch gives you the chance to help healthcare professionals find the right jobs for them. We work to make sure that hospitals, health centres and care homes have the amazing candidates they need to provide first-class healthcare.

People are our Purpose – especially our team

Here at Akeso Healthsearch, people are our purpose.

We work hard to learn who our job hunters are, what their skills are and what motivates them — all in the effort to find the right placement.

We can’t provide this personalised service without looking after our own team.

We believe we are 10 times stronger when we value and understand each other’s goals, needs, challenges, qualities and strengths. We’re not just focused on getting the work done, we care about you and what you need to be able to give your best to your role and be successful.

We believe that happy workers equate to a happy work environment, leading to improved performance and superior customer service. We are the bridge between health professionals and public and private clients — we take pride in this fact.

Why work with us?

We strive to make a positive impact and bring about change. We understand our duty of finding high-quality talent and placing these candidates in hospitals and medical centres. We don’t take our job lightly, and we are aware of the ripple effect that happens when placing candidates in important positions, which is why we take pride in our jobs – because working with us is truly a career where you can make a difference.

What skills do I need?

At Akeso Healthsearch, we understand the importance of the health system. We want to support you by offering high-quality services.

We pride ourselves on maintaining these key qualities:

If you share these same qualities and want to help shape our industry, working in healthcare recruitment can be a rewarding and satisfying career.

Interpersonal skills are important as a recruiter. Also, staying up-to-date on the latest innovations ensures we have the team knowledge to deliver a first-class service. Knowing the industry first-hand means you will be aware of the requirements of different roles – this knowledge helps make sure that all our candidate placements match people with their ideal jobs.

What next?

If you’re interested to find out more, get in touch today.

People are our purpose — we are always happy to answer questions from prospective new recruiters. Or, if you are looking for a more hands-on role in healthcare, check out our job listings.

For an even smarter, more cohesive and more personalized recruitment and selection approach we have consolidated our AGC Healthcare divisions into your newly rebranded recruitment partner Akeso Healthsearch. Read more

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