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Allied health professionals play a crucial role in healthcare, helping to diagnose and treat a wide range of problems in expert specialities.

Whichever specialist field an allied health professional has trained in, they all play a vital role in improving the lives of patients.

Here at Akeso Healthsearch, people are our purpose. We want to help you find the right role to suit your strengths and goals, and we also help employers create a positive workplace culture so that you feel supported and valued in your role.

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Latest Allied Healthcare Professionals Jobs

Each of the 15 allied health profession specialities has its own vital role in healthcare, meaning that you can find a role that suits your strengths. Allied health professions include paramedics, radiographers, music therapists, dieticians and more.

Allied health professions are all degree-level roles and will require specialised education and training. You can start this training later in life. If you have experience in healthcare, you probably already have a lot of transferable strengths to help you succeed in studying to be an allied health professional.

No, there are options for allied health professional roles in all kinds of settings – some work in GP surgeries helping with physiotherapy rehabilitation, while others offer speech and language therapy in specialist schools. We have a strength-based approach to candidate placement to help you find the right cultural fit for your new role.

We can help look at your strengths and match you to the best allied health professional role for you. This will including looking at roles you might not have thought of, such as working as a physiotherapist in a care home or working in a hospital. Our recruitment is customised specifically to who you are.

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