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We know that you can only support your patients if you are properly supported in your job role.

That is why at Akeso Healthsearch, people are our purpose. We want to help employers and healthcare professionals create a positive workplace that enhances positive employee experiences.

Doctors are considered by many as the face of the healthcare system, since almost patients will see a doctor at some point. There are many ways to specialise as a doctor and to help people. However, working as a doctor can be difficult – it means working closely with patients to address a wide range of issues, including both physical and mental health problems.

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Locum Medical Officer- Part Time 2024

We are currently recruiting for a Part time Locum Medical Officer for a hospital based in the North West of Ireland. The hours of work are Monday to Read more

Registrar- General Paediatrics

We are actively recruiting for Registrars in General Paediatrics for a HSE Hospital within commuting distance of Dublin, previous Irish or UK experie Read more

Registrar Obs & Gynae- January 2024

We are actively recruiting for Registrars in OBGYN, Previous Irish or UK experience is preferred Read more

Registrar - General Paediatrics

We are actively recruiting for Registrars in General Paediatrics for a HSE Hospital based in the South of Ireland, previous Irish or UK experience is Read more

Doctors are prevalent in every sector of the healthcare industry. Most people will come into contact with doctors in local GP surgeries as their first line of healthcare support. However, a lot of doctors also work in all departments within a hospital, mental health facilities and even care homes. Doctors are not confined to one location either – they may also conduct home visits and travel to different areas.

Doctors can specialise in many different fields, including paediatrics, working as consultants or in other positions. Alternatively, doctors can work as General Practitioners and support people in their daily health needs.

You will need to have a medical degree and further training to practice as a doctor. You can study medicine later in life, as a second degree, if you are looking to retrain as a doctor.

Being a doctor uses a lot of different strengths, including people skills, multitasking, and attention to detail. Our skill-focused recruitment helps match you to the roles that are best suited to you, so you can excel.

For an even smarter, more cohesive and more personalized recruitment and selection approach we have consolidated our AGC Healthcare divisions into your newly rebranded recruitment partner Akeso Healthsearch. Read more

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