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Midwives play a vital role in healthcare, bringing new life into the world and helping pregnant patients when they are most vulnerable.

Pregnancy can be a very difficult time in a patient’s life and midwives support them throughout the experience. Working as a midwife or nurse in maternity services can feel like a very high-stakes job, but it can also be very rewarding — as long as you are properly supported.

Here at Akeso Healthsearch, people are our purpose – that’s why we use a strength’s based approach to candidate placement, ensuring that you can find a role that suits you.

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Latest Midwifery Jobs

Midwifery can be a challenging role — it won’t be right for everyone. You need to be comfortable supporting patients through one of the biggest moments of their lives, as well as able to keep calm under pressure. The role involves physical, mental and emotional support for the patient.

Midwives don’t all work in hospitals. Some midwifery jobs are in health care centres supporting expectant and new parents, while some midwives work for home visit services to check on the health of their patients. A midwife manager, on the other hand, might oversee a team of midwifery staff.

We will look at your strengths to make sure you find a midwife job that suits you.

For most midwife roles, you will need to have an approved degree in midwifery, or a midwifery degree apprenticeship.

If you’re not sure if midwifery is right for you, there are many other roles to explore, or to help you on your track in a healthcare career. For example, if your strengths are in hospital-based care working closely with patients, roles such as Health Care Assistant could be the perfect fit.

On the other hand, if you would prefer to work in a more hands-off role, you could excel in a midwife manager role. We want to help support you find the right role that caters to your strengths.

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