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Radiographers are key healthcare professions within the important diagnostic arm of healthcare.

Radiography is a mix of highly technical and patient-facing, interpersonal skills. Radiography is a highly skilled profession that requires a lot of specialist knowledge.

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Latest Radiography Jobs

Most radiographers work in the diagnostic imaging departments of hospitals, or in mobile diagnostic imaging units. They work with both inpatients and outpatients to help diagnose and monitor serious health conditions. However, some radiographers may work at other, large healthcare centres outside of a hospital.

Radiography usually requires a degree level qualification specialising in the field of radiography and medical imaging. However, if you are already qualified and experienced in another medical field, you may be able to find a fast-track qualification to become a radiographer.

If you enjoy patient facing roles, you might want to consider working in roles such as healthcare assistant, whereas if you prefer the technical aspects of the role, you might want to look into clinical coding or healthcare administration.

If you do not want to work in radiography, we can help you find a different role to suit your interests. Our recruitment process is customised to look specifically at who you are, including your strengths and goals.

Radiography is a field that highlights technical knowledge, but also has a focus on patient interactions. If you have good people skills and a love for technical learning, radiography may be the perfect career for you.

Our recruitment process focuses on your strengths to make sure that you find a role where you are happy.

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