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Sonography is a vital way for healthcare professionals to diagnose and monitor health problems, forming a large part of the diagnostic backbone of a hospital’s services.

We know that healthcare professionals do best for their patients when they are properly supported and feel valued in their role. That’s why at Akeso Healthsearch, people are our purpose. We support employers and healthcare professionals to create a positive workplace environment that promotes a good cultural fit in the role we help you find.

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Latest Sonography Jobs

Sonographers primarily work in hospitals, performing diagnostic services to inpatients and outpatients. However, some sonographers may work in other medical settings, such as larger doctors’ offices, pregnancy clinics and specialist facilities.

Becoming a sonographer requires a degree-level qualification. If you are trained in another healthcare role, you may be able to train using a fast-tracked qualification. If you want to work in another patient-facing role outside of sonography, you could consider other jobs such as nursing, health care assistance or social work.

Sonography is a very technical field that requires a good level of focus and attention to detail. Just like other patient-facing roles, sonography also requires good interpersonal skills.

If you are looking for a career change, there are other roles you can re-train for. For example, you could consider similar diagnostic roles. If you prefer roles that do not deal directly with patients, you could look into healthcare administrator roles. Some of these may require re-training but having a healthcare background often lets you fast-track your qualifications.

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